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Julia Croft                                                                                       Apologies to Keynsham enquirers, this website should have disappeared as I now live in Frome. I start new practice there in March if you wish to see me there. Please call mob.07842512994. Thank you
HPD, DHP, SFBT (Hyp), CBT(Hyp) MNCH Acc. B.Ed. Hons. Cert.Ed.

 How Clinical Hypnotherapy can be your Key to Life Management

Have you ever wondered how Hypnotherapy can help you run your life more smoothly? Hypnotherapy is a key to improving life management, using the mind itself to turn around anxieties and situations. What have you to lose if Hypnotherapy is new to you but you’ve never tried it?

How can I help?          I am a member of the CNHC

At KEYnsham Hypnotherapy priority is given to informing you how to use inner power using hypnotherapy. Solutions are the way forward, where clinical hypnotherapy uses relaxation and positive thinking techniques, to enable that management of your life. Just Imagine the pleasure of 'Me Time' every day with that special form of relaxation!

Happiness is the goal here, what’s yours?

The purpose is to help you see where the things in life that make you anxious or depressed, have been exaggerated over time and how to undo these problems to a greater or lesser extent. This does depend on the condition itself and on how long a participant seeks help. There is always a minimum recommended amount of sessions, usually around six for the simpler situations but this is different for each individual.

Why not start by seeing an NCH 'video' * of a typical client discussing their experience with hypnotherapy?

The range of Hypnotherapy services includes > Hypertension -High blood pressure, self-harming

Childrens wellbeing   from  6 yrs upwards use of smartphones and school grades , Fertility, smokingalcohol